Learn How To Pick The Right 3D Animation Software With This Guide

Confused in choosing 3D Animation software? Let us help you!

Whenever a person intends to do 3D animation, he must be confused in making a choice among many 3D animation software programs available in the market right now. At times it becomes hard to select single software that can assist you in all your animation needs.

Usually, everyone knows about 3D Max and Maya. These two are well renowned 3D animation software programs but still, confusion is here that which one suits you best. Definitely everything that is available in the market has some good points and some bad points and you have to make a conclusion holding those points in your mind.

As cited above 3D Max and Maya are two monsters in the field of 3D animation and most animators use these programs but now since you are wondering to make a choice between two software programs then you must keep some significant points in your mind about both products. The interesting thing about this software is that both are owned by one single company. Autodesk is the company that owns both software and they have no plans to take one software out of the market as both their software are of good worth and very dynamic but still both these programs have positive and negative points.

Both programs are in competition with each other because both are well admired by users and animators all over the world. Keeping in view the above-provided information we will discuss some strong points of these softwares.

Both of these softwares are utilized for animations purposes but by different groups of people. If we talk about 3D Max then it is generally admired and used by visualization and architectural animators. Film and TV industry professionals usually like and use Maya.

3D Max has got large modeling tools in it, gives you the privilege of environment creation at large scale and another good thing is that it works very well with other Autodesk products. Whereas Maya is not far behind having great animation layering, character rigging, and motion capture handling capabilities that make it more competitive to 3D Max.

However Maya has a positive edge when it comes to Nurbs modeling because this feature can be utilized very easily in this software as compared to 3D Max. The effects and animations prepared with Maya have a more realistic and fine gaze as compared to 3D Max. Which programs you should select count on different things.

Your Budget: If you are more worried about your budget allowance then 3D Max is an affordable product for you as compared to Maya.

Your purpose of use: This is the 2nd important point. If you are going to use animation software for architectural and visualization then 3D Max is not best-suited software for you and you should proceed with Maya in this case.

What your computer can handle: This point has been placed at last but a very important point. You can go for Maya if you are using windows operating system but if you are using Mac or Linux then 3D Max can be a good choice. Finally, whichever package you choose, you will definitely have a lot of fun because of both very dynamic softwares.