Rise Of The Guardians 3D – A Modern Fairy Tale In Superb 3D Animation

Dreamworks’ new 3D animation film Rise of the Guardians is a fantasy adventure based on William Joyce’s book The Guardians of Childhood series and his short film The Man in the Moon made in collaboration with Reel FX.

It is an adult adventure film made for children and is similar to the Avengers television series which is why it is popular with all ages. Distributed by Paramount it was released on November 21st in time for Christmas and the story begins 200 years after the book series ended.

It features characters all children are aware of even if they do have different names in the movie. Santa Claus is known as North after the North Pole and his voice is spoken by distinguished actor Alec Baldwin whose deep tones suit the part perfectly.

Hugh Jackman is hilarious as the Easter Bunny, known as Bunnymund as he uses his Australian accent whilst Australian actress Isla Fisher of Home and Away fame is the Tooth Fairy. Jerry Astaire is the voice of the Sandman who sprinkles sand on the ground and dances to protect children’s’ dreams. These are the immortal Guardians of the title whose job it is to guard children all over the world and keep them from harm.

As long as the children believe in the characters the Guardians will protect them with their lives but once they stop believing they lose their powers. They work individually and each has their own role, but for the first time they join forces to rid the world of an evil spirit. Pitch the Bogeyman is determined to plunge the world into darkness and destroy the hopes and beliefs of children everywhere, Jude Law’s voice sounds superbly evil as Pitch.

Santa, or North, is at his home in the North Pole when he hears that the evil bogeyman is back to rid every child of their imagination and make them live in a world of darkness. He summons the Guardians to help him save childhood which is under severe threat and tells them the Man in the Moon has told him Jack Frost, spoken by Chris Pine, is to become a new member of The Guardians. Jack Frost has never been popular with children and refuses at first but is persuaded to change his mind.

With superb animation, beautiful colors and a well-written screenplay by David Lindsay-Abaire, Rise Of The Guardians will delight children of all ages and adults who have never grown up.

As they make their way to rid the world of the evil Pitch they learn that there is only one child left in the world who still believes and time is running out. With very realistic looking reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh carrying the Guardians and North you will be on the edge of your seat watching them fly through the air.

This is a modern fairy tale and a Christmas classic in the making that lends itself to a sequel as it will leave you wanting more. As with all fairy tales good has to triumph over evil, Jack Frost gains the respect of the children at last and becomes a fully-fledged Guardian but they have many adventures to go through before the end of the film – and do all the Guardians survive? You will have to see the film to find out.