Dauntless Death Knight Build for Cataclysm

The Death Knight is a great class and is very powerful. They are quite different from other classes, mainly because they have a choice between different runes. You have the choice of three runes, one for your main, one for your off, and one for your trinkets. This is very powerful because you can play your runes in any combination with the other skills that you have.

More runes mean you have more choices for your runes. This also means that you have more combinations that will happen while you’re playing the game. If you have 15 points to allocate to your Runes and the other 3 points allocated to your weapons, you have 30 points to play around with. That is a large number of possible combinations that you will have to work with.

The way this works is, once you unlock an emotion rune, you will have a choice of using it on a specific monster type. There are 9 different types of monsters to unlock with each one having 3 different emotions based on how you use the Rune. You can unlock an emotion-based solely on dealing damage. There are 3 types of enemies to pick from which are the following:

• Lust – This is on the self category. Your weapon is the most powerful. You will gain lots of life points.• Wound – Slow worm-like monsters will appear on your body. You will heal with a stronger healing spell.• Fear – This rune is in the group or party category.

Once you have your runes, you have to find a way to implement them into the game. You can do this in many different ways. You can buy runes with the gold that you earn from the monsters you kill or from chests that you find throughout the world. You can also buy Runes with the honor points that you get.

Remember, before you buy any Rune, you have to be sure that you know what you are buying.

Is it a Rune you want to use or a Gate?

There are many different kinds of Runs that you can use. There are those that are normal, strong and mastering. Each one of these runes will provide you with a different bonus. If you want to use a Rune that is a Gate, you will have to add 5 more Runes to it to unlock it.

What is the best way to pick the right Rune?

This depends on what your intentions are. For example, if you want a spell, you might want to look at passive instead of active or vice versa. You have to take into consideration your own style of play and what you want to accomplish. If you want to get a strong spell, it might be better to look at a very active rune.

If you’re more of the Subtlety kind of player, it might not be a good idea to buy a very active rune. It can be tougher to use and you might end up missing more monsters than you would with a normal rune.

If you are going to buy your Rune, here are the best places to get them:

  • At the top of taurens with the King ventilationArena.
  • Inside Stratholme• Insideastery of Crocolisks in upper lobby area
  • Inside Crystalvein Mine
  • Red Qppelin in Eastern Plaguelands
  • US-80 in Badlands• Sand Crawlers in Searing Gorge
  • Sungrass in Blasted Lands
  • Beast in Ironforge

Once you have them, you should have an accelerated skill just by having them.

The First Tier is pretty simple. You have 3 types of Sn interest: Indifferent, writhe, and Critical Infusion. Use the Indifferent rune for dark magic damage and write the critical infusions for greater healing.

The Second Tier has 3 types of Sn interest: Rambling, Leering, and Sniper Training. For the Rambling, do not use the rune for enemy tanks, but rather for those tanks that have a higher DPS than others. For Leering, use the rune for additional monsters that you can pull to later. For Sniper Training, change to the appropriate DPS rune and increase your chance to hit.

The Third Tier has 3 types of Sn interest: Parrot, condor, and Talisman. Use the parrot on group members or bosses and the condor for clutch monsters or to increase your mastery. If you have parrots, use – Gabriel’s stunner for a 45 stamina bonus.

Use the condor for an additional five percent greater health or mana and DPS. If you have talismans, use – Hulu’s stunner for additional hit rate and healing on fellow party members.

You will now have a new ability bar. Normally, it will be filled up with the Sn’s Normally Aviation ability.

Once you are hit overnight with a gauntlet, use a Robes Old Gold.